Vancouver, BC Overview

As one of Canada’s ten largest cities, Vancouver effortlessly balances its natural surroundings with a metropolitan atmosphere and a high-tech environment. Historically, the city has been host to many resource-heavy jobs such as forestry, fishing, and mining. As Vancouver makes the push to become a greener locale, newer industries such as digital media, technology, and entrepreneurship have begun to take over the city’s economy.

The quality of life is high in Vancouver. The consumer price index is 122.4, and while consumer prices continue to increase, other critical factors such as housing and energy remain relatively constant.

Vancouver, BC Job Opportunities

The city’s largest industries include health care, manufacturing, retail, and professional service. Jobs in Vancouver, BC, range from highly skilled to unskilled. Secondary and elementary schoolteachers are in high demand, and the average pay is one of the highest in the region, at C$33 an hour. Skilled administrative, paraprofessional, and office assistant positions also represent a significant portion of available jobs in Vancouver, BC. Computer programmers, systems analysts, and digital media professionals in Vancouver will also find a number of technology jobs.

Vancouver, BC Employment Trends

The greater Vancouver region expects to create over 640,000 job openings through 2022. Nearly 40 per cent of these jobs are projected to be new positions, while the remaining 60 per cent of openings will replace retiring workers. Overall, the demand for workers will increase by about 1.4 per cent a year over the next decade.

The industries likely to see the most growth over the next decade include health care, oil and gas drilling, mining, and natural resource management. Some of the new natural resource positions may be headquartered outside the city, but Vancouver residents are likely to fill them. Overall, the Vancouver area and the Mainland/Southwest region will be responsible for creating 65 per cent of the province’s job openings.